Basic Wedding Planning Course $800


Become a Wedding Planner (WP)

  • Proven training with graduates running businesses and employed in the wedding industry segments.
  • Comprehensive support material including contracts templates, customer presentation material, business operations, marketing and management manuals.
  • 18 week correspondence course with ongoing support and mentoring available through WPAA.

The course is done at your own pace from the luxury of your own home. When you graduate you'll receive a certificate in Wedding Planning certification and this will allow you to start your own business or apply for industry jobs.Once you complete the course you'll be recognised as a certified Wedding Planner.



Six units

Unit 1- Marketing the wedding planning business

  • Capturing your audience (editorial)

Wedding Planner benefits

  • Marketing that stands out
  • Working with your competitors

How to market your business stand out.

Packages and pricing

  • Creating a Business plan

Unit 2- Wedding Planning Disasters

  • A step ahead in the planning
  • Scenarios to evaluate as a planner
  • Adapting the right attitude

Unit 3- Creating a bridal pack

  • Creating a bridal pack
  • Creating a wedding planner budget
  • Creating a wedding articles
  • Wedding planner packages and pricing

Unit 4- Creating a wedding budget

  • Working with a budget
  • Hindrances that will effect your budget
  • Finding suitable suppliers
  • Understand the price brackets
  • Profit margins

Unit 5 - Wedding Ceremonies

  • Working with the Client
  • Developing a wedding ceremony brochure
  • Symbolic ceremonies
  • Traditional ceremonies
  • Celebrant and his role in the planning
  • The wedding planners role in the ceremony

Unit 6 - Attributes of a successful planner

  • Working with the couple- Client consultation
  • The effects of a bad planner
  • Recognising the essential charcteristics of a planner
  • How to contribute in every area of the planning 



Assignment expectation

Each unit has an assignment attached, which involves submitting a response to a possible scenario. Each assignment submitted requires at least a 1000 word response and requires a reference list be provided to identify the sources utilised during your research.


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